underastanding and shaping curriculum what we teach and why

a brief and personal history of post qualitative research   

?the field of curriculum: what approach? what definition
curriculum 21 essentional education for  a changing world

looking to the future builiding a curriculum for social activitism

multiculturalism and education

 "the  "reason of schooling

adding it up helping children learn mathematics

behind closed doors: the pedagogy and interventionist practice of digital storytelling

handbook of technology education

the reflective practitioner 

mathematics curriculum issues, trends, and future directions

educating the reflective practitioner

implementing change

self-determined learning

curriculum: foundations, principles, and issues

reschooling society: aconceptual model

the educated mind

curriculum  in a new key

 curriculum  theorizing and teacher education 

 handbook on the history of mathematics education

 conflicts in curriculum theory

 the curriculum theory and practice